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Service Agreement

This agreement shall continue on a monthly basis and may be cancelled on 30 days written notice.

Applicant agrees to make no unauthorized extensions, attachments, or modifications to installation without the written consent of the company. All repairs, modifications, or changes in and to the cable television system wiring shall be made by The Company or its lawfully designated representatives.

The Subscriber agrees that representatives of The Company shall have the right to Subscriber's premises (1) for the purpose of installation, inspection repair, operation and maintenance of Cable Television equipment installed in the Subscriber's premises and (2) for the purpose of disconnection and removal of The Company's equipment for nonpayment of amounts billed and delinquent or otherwise due and owing to The Company under this agreement. To the extent the Subscriber's permission, acquiescence, waiver and release is required to allow such entry or to allow the landlord to give The Company access to the Subscriber's premises, it is hereby expressly given.

Subscriber hereby agrees to give company permission or easement rights as may be necessary to properly install and service the company's cable system to the terminal point. Subscriber, if not the owner of the premises specified to be serviced in this agreement, agrees to indemnify and hold company harmless from any and all claims of such owner or interested parties arising out of the performance of this agreement or claims arising from damage to concealed wire or equipment.

The Company shall provide the best television signals possible and shall incur no liability of any nature for any failure or interruption of service caused by or resulting from any circumstances beyond its control.

Installation charges for a single house include 150 feet of cable from the Company's distribution cables to the Subscriber's connection terminal (house mounted). Any additional length required will be billed at $.15 per foot. Such additional charge will be invoiced on completion of installation. It is expressly understood that multiple outlets shall apply only to areas under one roof, excluding multiple dwellings, and that separate dwelling such as guest houses, shall be considered as separate dwelling units and be subject to the regular installation charge and service charge.

It is mutually understood and agreed by and between the Subscriber and The Company that if the Federal Communications Commission, or other federal, state or local regulatory body, or courts of law, by regulation or order assume jurisdiction over the rates, service or other conditions and provisions of this contract then in any such assumptions or jurisdiction this contract shall be modified to comply with such order of any such body. In the event copyright or other similar fees are imposed on the company for the transmission of cable television signals, the company reserves the right to increase subscriber fees by the same amount.

Subscriber's rights hereunder are not assignable or transferable without the consent of The Company. In the event Subscriber sells his property, the Subscriber agrees to immediately notify the Company and hereby gives Company permission on day of sale to take steps that it deems necessary to terminate or transfer service. If Subscriber elects not to have service transferred to new occupant, then his unused service may be transferred to Subscriber's new address if within the Company's franchised area with just an additional installation charge. Should Subscriber move out of the area served by the Company, then no monies will be refunded for unused service.

The Company reserves the right to make a service charge for service calls when the problem is not the fault of the Company.

Subscriber acknowledges that if a cable television channel converter will be installed in the Subscriber's premises, it is understood that the converter is the property of the Company, and Subscriber agrees to return the converter to the Company, in good condition, upon the expiration of this agreement.

Company's rates are established by appropriate governmental authorities. In the event that the proper governmental authority should grant an increase in rates, the Company reserves the right to adjust its installation and service charges accordingly.

This agreement contains the whole agreement of the parties hereto, no understanding, representation or warranty made by any agents or representatives of Company shall be binding upon Company except herein provided.

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